Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SEO Interview Quetions Part-1

Hello guys,

I am a Freelancer in SEO field and now i am searching a new job. Following is the list of Questions i have faced during different interviews. So i am starting with very known questions as it is first part. HOPE you all will enjoy it.
Let me know if you like it or if i made any mistakes.
Rishabh Ranjan

So Questions start from here with answer :

1. What is SEO?
--> According to me SEO i.e. Search engine optimization is way to increase over all hits of website.

2. What are the different types of SEO? Define it? --> Mainly there are 2 types : On-Page Optimization as well as Off-Page Optimization.

3. DEFINE OFF & ON page optimization? --> On-Page optimisation includes work on Meta keyword, Meta description, Title Tag, ALT Tag, Keyword Density, Header Tag Etc.
Off-Page optimisation includes work on Directory submission, Blog Posting, Forum Posting, Commenting, Classifieds posting, Article submission Etc.

4. Is there any difference between SEO & SMO? describe if any? --> SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and SMO stands for Social Media Optimisation.
SMO is somehow same as SEO. In SMO, We spread awareness/Hits of/on website using different social media & networking sites.

5. List of 4 min META tag for SEO purpose?
--> meta name : description meta name : keywords meta name : robots
meta name : revisit after

6. What is BLACK HAT SEO?
--> Black Hat SEO is also the way to increase website ranking Faster in Search Engines But it is not right way to do because it violet webmaster guideline. And also it does useful for long time run because once google or other webmaster tool finds it they may block particular website itself.
Cloaking and Keyword Stuffing are way of Black Hat SEO.

7. What is cloaking?
--> Clocking is one of the way Black Hat SEO, In which website content available to Search engine Spider or crawler is different from content available for users. As it is violation of google webmaster is comes under Black Hat SEO.

--> Keyword Stuffing is also one of the way of Black hat seo. As the name tells more keyword stuffed in content or hidden from user for crawler. Google allow us 1%-3% keyword density on page. And if it is much more than that then it violet google webmaster guideline and it comes under Black Hat SEO.

9. What is Keyword Density?
--> Keyword density is nothing but number of times uses of meta keyword in a page with content.

10. What is anchor tag?
--> Basically <a>--</a> is called anchor tag. It is used for giving Hyperlink in texts.

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