Saturday, 18 May 2013

SEO Interview Questions Part-3

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So some more Questions&Answers on SEO.
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21. What is keyword cannibalization?
-->It occurs when some pages in website competing for same keyword in search engines. We can’t prevent that to happen some time when we are using important keyword in different pages in the website.

22. What is Disavow Tool?
-->It is use to remove the bad backlinks coming to one’s website. Basically we use it when backlinks coming from bad site and which we don’t want.

23. What is Google Dance?
-->It’s outdated technique where google use to update its search result for 36 times in a year But now a days it happens weekly.

24. What was Google caffeine update?
-->It came into picture in June,2010. It basically came to provide Fresh results. Before caffeine, Once any new website use to come in picture, it takes very long time to show results in google. So caffeine make it easy and handy. Check Pics below :

As we can see in picture old index system having several layers and that is why it use to take long time to show websites in search engines.But using caffeine, which work in different scale. And every second it process hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel.

25. What are the methods to restrict a webpage from the search index?
-->We can use robot.txt for this purpose And also using webmaster tools it’s possible to remove any link from website to show in search engines.

26. What is MouseTrapping?
-->Mouse trapping is the way of keeping visitor in website or preventing visitor to leaving website. It happened by using of either popups or by some advertisement.

27. What is BLOG Flipping?
-->It is the way of changing author of blog. It is useful for buying or selling blogs.

28. What is google guideline for webmaster?
-->There is a long list of Google Guideline, Please go through following link to know more: 

 29. What is keyword prominence?
-->Keyword prominence is nothing but indicate the placement of keyword in website’s title, meta description, content etc.

30. What is Ghost Banning?
-->It is the practice of banning users from Forum, social media from administrator of moderator, if in case users are spamming the site or putting irrelevant contents or URLs.