Thursday, 18 October 2012

CLT20 : Hit or Miss

Champions League Twenty20 is an international an annual 20-20 cricket tournament, Now being played in South Africa. It is tournament where Eight(8) countries top domestic cricket teams fight for title.

This tournament is held between Sept and Oct. for the period of three weeks in either in India or South Africa. The total prize money for this tournament is $6 million. And also the winning team receiving $2.5 million, a Huge Amount in domestic cricket in world.

My Quetion is how many of us really following this tournament, After WorldCup 2011, IPL 2011, Ind-Eng tour 20011-12 and T20 WorldCup 2012?

Past more than a year we have been watching cricket alot. Is that a main reason for less viewer here as We know CLT20 also a Good tournament as it is happening world stage.

I think people are getting bore because of too much cricket. And also More or less because the performance of IPL Teams in this league.

And one More thing that our players playing too much cricket without rest. Is that justified ? They should not take rest to play big tournament instead of playing CLT20.

BCCI should also have to take decision like Aus Cricket board, which called Shane Watson back from CLT20. BCCI also has to call some of our top player for rest as they played too much cricket and also they should be fit enough to play for INDIA for next sessions.