Friday, 19 October 2012

Sachin : Member of Order of Australia

First of all Many Many thanks to Sachin Pajji for this achievement.
One more achievement and also I can say a unique one.
The 'Order of Australia' is an order of chivalry to recognize Australian citizens and other persons for achievement or for meritorious service.

Before Sachin only two foreign plays got this award and they are West Indies legend, Clive Lloyd (Clive Hubert Lloyd) in 1985 and other one is West Indian, Sir Garfield Sobers in 2003. and also the second Indian after former attorney general Soli Sorabjee to get the honor.

But Many Aussies players along with Australian MP are not happy with this decision of their Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Acc. to the Aussie MP "It should be given to an Australian." And Many more players including Matthew Hayden backs him up.

Aussies are talking about Tendulkar's role in the monkeygate scandal involving the two teams in 2008. He was a key witness in the Harbhajan Singh-Andrew Symonds racism controversy during India's tour.

But atlast I don't understand behind these kind on statement as those days aussies use to do RACISM so much and also sachin was no given any comment on any one. they are simply making an issue without any reason. As they should respect this decision because Sachin is really a right person for this award once you see his achievement.